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Fully HIPAA Compliant!

We offer our customers the ability to dictate anytime anywhere.  You may dictate 24/7.  Toll free number to call in your dictation, your dictation is recorded in clear digital quality with controls to stop, rewind and playback your dictation.

You may also embed important record numbers such as Medical Record numbers or Case numbers; these numbers allow you to track your report as they are transcribed for efficient record keeping.

Once dictation is recorded, you may track the progress via a secure web access.  Track the status of all work dictated by date and time.  No more guesswork as to when the report will be ready.  Download, review or edit your report.

Larger facilities are able to create individual departments, levels or groups.  This allows for precise document management and accountability.  You may also use a digital recorder.  We accept any type of digital recording (.vox .dss .wav .mp3) which can be directly uploaded to our secure web site for immediate transcribing. 

Still recording on tapes?  Send us your tapes and we will transcribe your recordings.  Your documents can be transmitted electronically or delivered back to you with your cassette.  Web Distribution allows our customers the ability to view, edit, and print a report once it has been transcribed.  We archive all reports for your convenience.